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With just a few short steps you will be comfortablly seated in your harness with your pilot guiding you the entire way, no experience required.


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The Ultimate Bavarian Sky Experience

All tandem passengers are paired one-on-one with a tandempilot for the ultimate sky and mountain adventure.


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Airborne all year long at the flight area brauneck in Lenggries, south of munich

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Standard Fun-Flight: 160€ Call +49-178-2104743

Top to bottom: An amazing paraglidingflight starting from the peak of Brauneck

Airtime: 10-20 Min.

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Thermal Flight: 200€ Call +49-178-2104743

Flying higher with more airtime. Climbing up with thermals we're experiencing unforgettable impressions over the Alps.

Airtime: 30-50 Min.

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Freestyle Acrobatic: 180€ Call +49-178-2104743

Need for adrenaline?
Get ready for the rollercoaster of the air!

Airtime: time is relative

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The Tandem Experience

Here is what you can expect from a tandem flight with Paraglidingbase
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What you can expectKnowledgable, passionate pilots eager to fly with you

All Tandem pilots share one thing in common, a love for the sport and the passion to share it with others. The opportunity to share the joy a passenger feels, when their feet leave the ground keeps us coming back for more. Spending a day paragliding with us in Lenggries, the heart of Isarwinkel.

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What is the Flight Like?The adventure of a lifetime.

After meet and greet each other we take the cable car to the top station of Brauneck. After a fairly short hike, about 1-2 minutes from the top station to the summit of Brauneck, we take 5-10 minutes to review takeoff and landing procedures and the basics of a paragliding flight. After a few quick steps we are already flying over the breathtaking landscape of the Isar valley. During the flight you will sit in a comfortable harness and have a 360-degree view of the Bavarian foothills of the Bavarian Alps. We will be able to talk to each other during the flight. After landing we pack the wing and are very happy to be one of the living beings on this planet that can fly without artificial propulsion.

Why choose Us?

How to become a pilotJoin a training program

Fly along when the colorful sails of paragliders and hang gliders appear in the sky in summer. Feel the wind in your face. Have the whole world under you. Learning to paraglide and hang glide is easier than you think. There are schools and flying areas almost everywhere in Germany. The best school is of course in Lenggries.

"There are more important things in life than paragliding, but we ignore them."

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